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Nokuku - a marvellous game about artificial intelligence, little creatures and big adventures.

What is this game about?
Nokuku is a game in progress! There are no quests or missions yet but there are already many things you can do:
  • Choose your character nokuku and explore the world
  • Raise a nokuku from an egg or customize a unique nokuku
  • Watch them in the life simulation mode, where they interact with machines, objects, critters and each other including fighting, breeding and talking
  • Feel free to mix human breeds with wolves, dragons or insects
  • Breed your trained nokuku and create stronger offspring
  • Create a team with up to 3 nokuku and fight wild nokuku and other users
  • Trade your nokuku with other users
  • Show your nokuku on other sites and communities and gain bonus experience points
I am working frequently on Nokuku, so be informed about recent features in the news section.
To get some impressions you can view the gallery.

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